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Hey everyone!

Here’s a list of where Moxley Union will be playing as it currently stands, we’ll update it for you as we add more shows so feel free to keep checking in! We look forward to rocking out for all of you this summer. πŸ˜„

Half Moon Sober Fest
New Boston, NH
May 26th (2:30PM-4PM)

Sumner House
Charlestown, NH
June 7th (8PM-11PM)

Windsor Station
Windsor, Vt
June 8th (9:30PM-12:30AM)

Hartland Rec Center
Hartland, Vt
July 14 (5PM-7PM)

Uncommon Jam
Newbury Commons Newbury, Vt
August 25 (Start time is still pending)

Feast and Field
Barnard, Vt
September 19 (5:30PM-8PM)

Claremont Brewfest
Claremont, NH
September 21 (12PM-4PM)


Acoustic Moxley UnionΒ 
Duo Shows

Silo Distillery
Windsor, Vt
July 21st (2PM-4PM)

Patrick Ross’s Camping & Music Festival
Harvest Moon Orchard, Newbury, Vt
June 28th (6PM)