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Claremont Brew Fest

Moxley Union

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Fairgrounds, Ascutney St., Windsor, Vermont 05089

This is a competition for the backyard Barbecue enthusiast to put their skills on display! 3 great Local Bands, Road Trash, Moxley Union and About Gladys. There will be food vendors, a beer tent and local artist and craftsman selling their work.

There will be a cover charge of $10 per person. This gains them access to the event ground, Beer and food tents and they can play lawn games and listen to the bands



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Bob's barn, 30 River St. (behind Windsor Station) , Windsor VT, 05089

We have rounded up 6 of the most ROCKIN' bands around to bring you an AWESOME show for 1 VERY CHEAP ticket price!! We will post updates as we go, but you can be assured that this will be the BIGGEST and BEST LOCAL ROCK N' ROLL SHOW of 2015!!

CaBallBrakeRadio incubator party

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Farmers Exchange, Depot Ave, Windsor VT

$20 for 9 acts, good food, BYOB, 200 ticket limit Caballbreakeradio and the june 28 INCUBATOR are more than just a great day of music with 9 acts or a great day of is about gathering 200 of our friends and their friends....first responders and critical create a social movement toward a different kind of festal is a party


Moxley Union

Charlestown class reunion


Moxley Union

Happy 50th to our biggest fan!